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Scribius is a log scanner for the MMOLRPG Clan Lord.

The latest version (0.3.2b) can be downloaded at


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain bulk training to be counted properly
  • Loovma Geer now knows his own name, same with Skea Brightfur and Dentir Longtooth
  • Updated formulas for Hardia (spoiler it sucks more)
  • Radium was missing from our trainer list so that has been added.
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly add bulk training ranks to traditional training ranks
  • Added assorted new monsters to the directory
  • Stability enhancements
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing casino winnings (and losing) from showing

Recommend a full rescan if you have encountered any of these issues

It is built for MacOS 10.10.x and up, including Catalina.

Change Log


  • Fixed various kill table bugs, now defaults to sort by level
  • Fixed bug with scanning additional log files that may of resulted in miscounts
  • Added ranger lasty tracking to More Info tab
  • Added each characters Nemesis
  • Fixed unexpected results when scanning and indivual characters logs, then scanning the whole log folder right after
  • Fixed a bug that would calculate the incorrect start date on certain occassions
  • Calculate effective ranks for Swengus, Evus, Eva, and Sprite trainers
  • Not yet calculating effective ranks from ,Erthron, Farly Buff, Bangus Anmash, Forvyola, Bodrus, Hardia, Spiritus, Anemia, Stedfustus, Anan Faure, AnDeux Faure, AnTrix Faure, AnQuart Faure, AnSept Faure, Knox, Anglisa, Atkia,Rodnus


  • Fix for poor Forgus
  • Veritus was left out in the cold by his brothers, he has been fixed
  • Ya'all rangers are crazy with your logs and how you study things, ive built in several protections for cancelled or otherwise log lost studies sticking around.
  • Also fixes for studies where you havent gotten a message yet
  • Fixes for whatever drunk GM decided to name two different creatures the same name
  • Fixes for what I can only assume is the same drunk GM who set two differently named creatures as the same


  • Yet another fix on lasty calculations
  • All screens now force an update after a complete log scan is complete
  • Effective rank calculations added for Erthron, Farly Buff, Bangus Anmash, Forvyola, Bodrus, Hardia, Spiritus, Anemia, Stedfustus, Anan Faure, AnDeux Faure, AnTrix Faure, AnQuart Faure, AnSept Faure, Knox, Anglisa, Atkia, Rodnus (this should be all of them).
  • Effective ranks are now calculated and displayed in more info
  • Fixed a bug when scanning for new kills could overwrite the saved kills
  • Hide trainers that you dont have any ranks in either effective, modified, or trained\
  • Improved scanning speed by roughly 300%
  • Fix for a redacted trainer not being properly counted because his rank message does not conform to normal style


  • Fixed a bug with only showing your current lasty if you /use /reflect on your goss more than you do on your belt
  • Fixed an off by one bug that would count an extra lasty message that sometimes didnt exist (Lasty counts should be mroe accurate now)
  • Bulk rank training for 10 ranks is now included in calcualted total
  • Bulk rank training for 1-9 ranks is now noted in the new rank notes field, but not added to the totals.
  • Still working through scanning for people with unusual file structures and names, you know who you are.

** You will want to do a full rescan to fix issues from previous versions


  • Scanning non standard log formats should work better now, ie: edited in a text editor, file names changed, ect. Logs must be in a folder titled with the characters name.

  • Fixed several possible crashes when scanning data

  • Fixed a possible crash for first time users (sorry! I havent been testing your use case a lot).

  • Increase scanning speed by about 25% by optimizing how trainer messages are detected

  • Fixed a crash for rangers who have actually successfully /judged another potential ranger

  • Better lasty detection

  • Failing to detect any characters will prompt the user to save a debug log file (on Rescan All only)

  • Fixed an issue not showing ranks that you never trained but had effective ranks in


  • Fixed a crash that would cause people who used time stamps to not be able to add characters

  • Fixed several possible crashes while scanning

  • Fixed a bug that might(probably would) count bulk ranks twice if you rescan the same log files


  • Effective Duvin now takes into account Goss training bonuses

  • Numerous improvements to log scanning, presentation and functionality

  • Darkstone uses have been replaced with Shadow Bell usage and break rates. (please complain if you still find value in knowing your darkstone uses)

  • Support for pet rank tracking

  • Support for pet coin level detection

  • Vala Loack ranks are tracked properly now

  • Added levels for a couple of barbershop creatures, more to come

  • Updated Bodrus, Mentus, Spiritus with their Master titles, which fixes an issue with bulk ranks not showing up properly

** You will want to do a full rescan to support pets and fix issues with Master trainers and Vala Loack


  • Should crash less if we find something unexpected.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented shadow bell breaking percentage from showing up
  • Fixed a bug that would show the incorrect effective ranks total when entering a new modified rank
  • Fixed another bug that would show incorrect effective ranks when scanning new logs
  • Effective histia now takes into account histia earned through Rodnus
  • Should now better detect young blood mages
  • Added ability to save debug logs when a recoverable error occurs
  • Fix for modified ranks using the three "Master" trainers.
  • Fix for some very old logs having missing ranks in them because the format on those rank messages has changed over time
  • Various pet tracking fixes
  • Monsters with a ' in the name should be happier
  • Some improvements to the reliability of lasty detection
  • Captured creatures (circle test) now behave as they should


  • Major code refactor to make things more stable and faster
  • We know understand and properly handle raven kills.
  • We no longer let exiles fake being pets by using certain key words in /actions, take that Shaky's pet Arod.
  • Rodnus ranks now count towards effective rank totals
  • Fixed an internal bug dealing with coin level that no one would of ever noticed but it doesnt happen anymore
  • Cleaned up monsters and coin level things, should hopefully see less unknown levels on things
  • Lastys during befriend counting now show a Q if you are qualified for Morph or NQ if you are not qualifed for morph
  • Characters are now listed in alphabetical order
  • Trainers are now listed in alphabetical order


  • Users with multicore machines should see massive speed improvements in the area for 2-8x faster scanning
  • Log searching now includes an option to search through player and NPC speech (or ignore speech as the default)
  • Fixed a bug that would confuse players /actions Grows Much Stronger! as a pet rank
  • Better support for monsters with a "The" in their name
  • Filter functionality added to kill table
  • Fixed a bug that could make some ranks disappear on scan new logs if you have a modified rank associated with it
  • Fixed a bug that didnt understand trying to over bulk train with pathfinding books. (You have completed what you can without consulting)
  • Fixed a bug that would miscalculate the number of lastys remaining on low number of a lot messages.
  • Trainer info added for Master Janis’ Mental Mysteries
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Loomva ranks from scanning properly