Gedit plugin: Shows the Git branch of the current file on the status bar
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Git branch statusbar plugin

This gEdit plugin shows the git branch for the file being edited on the status bar. The master branch now contains the plugin compatible with Gnome 3 and the new API. The gnome2 branch contains the old version.


On Ubuntu and Debian, just install the python-git and msgfmt packages, then install as described below.

Install from sources

Either download the files (using the Downloads button) and uncompress to a folder, or clone the repository.

Run sudo make install to install.

Install as an Ubuntu package

You can add my Ubuntu PPA to add this plugin as a software package and receive updates.



On gEdit, go to Edit > Preferences, on the Plugins tab look for Git branch on status bar and mark the checkbox next to it to enable the plugin.


Obligatory screenshot:

gedit screenshot with git branch on status bar

On the image above, the branch name is super-improved-look-branch.

Note that it currently supports English and Spanish.