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Django single page application generator for Yeoman
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Django single page application for Yeoman

Getting started

Setting up the environment

Create a virtual environment and install django:

$ virtualenv myenv

Activate the environment:

$ . myenv/bin/activate

Install the django single page app generator

$ npm install generator-djangospa -g

Creating a new project

$ yo djangospa

The generator will ask the name of the project, an initial app name, which version of django, theme, licensing and after that it will download all the project dependencies and run gulp to copy files over to proper locations.

Project folder structure

├─┬ app\
│ └─┬ templates\
│   └── app\
├── demo\
├─┬ source\
│ └── scss\
├─┬ static\
│ ├─┬ scripts\
│ │ └── app\
│ │
│ ├─┬ styles\
│ │ └── css\
│ │
│ └── view_templates\
└── templates\

Installing the dependencies:

$ cd <name_of_your_project>
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

If you are using pipenv you can run:

$ pipenv install -r requirements.txt

Applying migrations

$ python makemigrations
$ python migrate

Creating the admin user

$ python createsuperuser

Adding intial data

$ python loaddata fixtures/initdata.json

Starting the site

$ python runserver

Access your application at

Django REST framework API

Access browsable API at

Django admin page

The django admin page is enabled by default and it can be accessed at

Gulp tasks

Task Description
copy-styles Copy all the CSS dependencies to static/styles/css/
copy-scripts Copy all the JavaScript dependencies to static/scripts/
sass Compile the SCSS files into CSS
sass:watch Watch for changes in the scss files and run the sass task

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2015 Daniel Furtado. Code released under the MIT license


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