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import { DFUSE_API_KEY, runMain, DFUSE_API_NETWORK } from "../config"
import { createDfuseClient, InboundMessage, waitFor, Stream } from "@dfuse/client"
* In this example, we showcase how the library always keeps your
* streams active. By default, the library will automatically restart all
* your active streams after a reconnection event occurred on the
* underlying socket.
* With zero effort from your part, your stream is always receiving
* messages. This pattern can be used when you only really need a never ending
* streaming of messages, whithout caring about any messages that may have
* missed while being disconnected from the socket.
* It's possible to deactivate this behavior by using the [[StreamClientOptions]]
* `autoRestartStreamsOnReconnect` and set it to `false`.
* **Important**
* If it's really important to never miss a single message, you will need to also mark
* progress to ensure you reconnect at the right moment. Look at the `never-miss-a-beat.ts`
* example that showcases how to implement a bulletproof data integrity pattern and ensure
* you never miss or skip an important message by mistake.
async function main() {
const client = createDfuseClient({
const stream: Stream = await client.streamActionTraces(
accounts: "eosio.token",
action_names: "create"
stream.onPostRestart = () => {
console.log("Socket reconnected, your stream(s) have restarted automatically!")
console.log("Socket is now connected.")
await waitFor(38000)
await stream.close()
function onMessage(message: InboundMessage) {
if (message.type === "listening") {
// You should see this message a second time when restart of stream occurs
console.log("Stream is now listening.")
if (message.type === "action_trace") {
console.log("Streaming transfer.")
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