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dfuse API Push Guaranteed Example (via eosjs)

This repository sole purposes is to demonstrate you to setup eosjs to push a transaction through dfuse API Push Guaranteed endpoint.

The endpoint is 100% compatible with EOS push transaction endpoint. The single difference is that, when the required headers are present, you'll get the response back only when your transaction has reach a block, passed 1, 2 or 3 handoffs or is irreversible (depending on value passed in header X-Eos-Push-Guarantee).


Quick Start

You are going to follow a quick guide to send tokens from one account to another one on the Jungle 2.0 Test Network using dfuse push_transaction with push guaranteed activated.

For that, you will need an account on the Jungle 2.0 Test Network with some tokens in it (see Get Started tutorial to create an account there and get some coins), a dfuse API key (check to get a free API token).

yarn install

Run the following commands from your terminal:

export DFUSE_API_KEY="<dfuse API key here>"
export TRANSFER_FROM_ACCOUNT="<account name that will send the token>"
export SIGNING_PRIVATE_KEY="<account private key here>"

The <dfuse API key here> should be replaced with your dfuse API key, <account name that will send the token> should be replaced with the account name that will transfer money to someone else and <account private key here> should be replaced with the private key controlling the Jungle test net account defined in TRANSFER_FROM_ACCOUNT.

Note The private key must be able to fulfill <from>@active where the <from> is actually the account name specified in TRANSFER_FROM_ACCOUNT.

Launch the index.ts script to see stuff going on:

yarn run ts-node index.ts


This repository use an environment variable via JsSignatureProvider to store the private key for testing purposes. In a real production environment, always ensure security of private keys.

Better yet, like state directly in eosjs library, use a third-party signing provider:

The Signature Provider holds private keys and is responsible for signing transactions.

Using the JsSignatureProvider in the browser is not secure and should only be used for development purposes. Use a secure vault outside of the context of the webpage to ensure security when signing transactions in production


If you want to try on EOS Mainnet or Kylin instead, you can provide the following extra environment variables:

export TRANSFER_TO_ACCOUNT="<account name that will receive the token>"
export TRANSFER_QUANTITY="<quantity to transfer, defaults to 0.0001 EOS if unset>"

Other Guaranteed Option

It's possible to specify PUSH_GUARANTEED environment variable to test out the various values for the push guaranteed. Valid values are:

  • in-block
  • handoff:1
  • handoffs:2
  • handoffs:3
  • irreversible



  • Authorization: Bearer $DFUSE_API_TOKEN
  • X-Eos-Push-Guarantee: in-block | handoff:1 | handoffs:2 | handoffs:3 | irreversible
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