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OpenStreetMap raster tile renderer written in Rust
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An OpenStreetMap raster tile renderer that compiles to a native Windows/Linux/macOS binary with no external dependencies.

You do have to install Rust to compile the binary, but other than that, all you need is an *.xml file with raw OSM data.

Importing data

This command takes a city.xml data file (get one from Geofabrik or a simliar service) and outputs city.bin, which will be used for rendering.

$ cargo run --release --bin importer city.xml city.bin

Rendering data

$ cat city.conf
address = localhost:8080

file = city.bin

file = mapcss/osmosnimki-minimal.mapcss
type = josm

$ cargo run --release --bin renderer city.conf

Raster tiles are now being served from http://localhost:8080/{z}/{x}/{y}.png. This URL template should work out of the box with leaflet.js, MKTileOverlay, or any map library that supports slippy tile layers.

You can use the @2x suffix to request high-resolution tiles (i.e. change your URL template to http://localhost:8080/{z}/{x}/{y}{r}.png for leaflet.js).

Rendering sample

The rendering style is based on MAPS.ME.

London centre

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