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@dg dg referenced this pull request in dg/texy Nov 4, 2015

CI AppVeyor #38

@dg dg changed the title from AppVeyor - testing on Windows to AppVeyor - testing on Windows [WIP] Nov 4, 2015
mhujer commented Nov 4, 2015

I've tried to make dibi run there but I did not succed. See master...mhujer:appveyor tests/databases.appveyor.ini may be useful for this PR

@dg dg changed the title from AppVeyor - testing on Windows [WIP] to AppVeyor - testing on SQL Server [WIP] Nov 4, 2015
dg commented Nov 4, 2015

CI AppVeyor works, but some tests fails on SQL Server.

@dg appveyor: testing with SQL Server WIP
DiGi commented Nov 8, 2015

Few notes about MSSQL:

  1. You should always use schemaName.objectName sytanx, everywhere. In CREATE scripts, in all DML. Table dbo.customers can be very different from sales.customers. MSSQL can cache plans and reuse them later
  2. MSSQL doesn't support JOINS with USING syntax
  3. Preffered TOP syntax is now TOP (n), not TOP n
  4. You should always use ORDER BY if you use TOP. MSSQL does not guarantee any implicit ordering. For different ID you can get different plan using different index
  5. You should alias computed columns, even in subselects

Related failures:

  1. Connection.fetch.phpt(78), assert line 93, because note 2.
  2. Just guess without SQL: Isn't generated SQL someting like SELECT COUNT() FROM (SELECT COUNT() FROM products ORDER BY product_id)? If so then there should be SELECT TOP (1) in inner SELECT
  3. Error, generated SQL is probably "OFFSET 0 ROWS FETCH NEXT 1 ROWS ONLY" or "SELECT TOP 1". Test fails because it is not "odbc" and definitely is not "LIMIT 1"
  4. Result.meta.phpt(19) will not work because note 2.
  5. meta.phpt(20) same issue with test, not running "odbc" and you didn't get LIMIT 2

I don't have working PHP environment right now, but I hope that this can point you at some issues. Special 'odbc' code can be sometimes used for MSSQL too, but maybe it is better to write correct test.


ping @dg

Is there any progress? I am trying to migrate my application to ms sql and so far I found out that fetch issue (using OFFSET 0 ROWS FETCH NEXT 1 ROWS ONLY) is still there.

dg commented Jan 22, 2016

I will be glad if you send a pull request. I do not use (and know) MS SQL.


Ok, I'll try to fix this driver by myself

dg commented Jan 22, 2016


castamir and others added some commits Jan 26, 2016
@castamir castamir SqlsrvDriver::applyLimit(): fixed limit and offset behaviour for odbc…
… 11+

SqlsrvReflector: changed constrains metadata loading from
INFORMATION_SCHEMA to sys schema to get complete list of all constraints,
not PK only
@castamir castamir tests: Sqlsrv.limits: fixed sqlsrv2008 compatibility ddc45ac
@castamir castamir tests: changed environment from sql server 2008 to 2012 174a5ac
@castamir castamir SqlsrvReflector::getTables(): gets list of all tables from dbo schema…
… only
@castamir castamir tests: excluded getTables() count test from metadata tests on sqlsrv
@castamir castamir cleanup a6a80b7
@castamir castamir AppVeyor: allowed sqlsrv 2014 for testing
@dg Merge pull request #206 from castamir/test
SqlsrvDriver compatibility fix for SQL Server 2012 and 2014
@dg dg closed this Feb 9, 2016
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