A Emacs Lisp function to post to Micropub Endpoint
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A Emacs Lisp function to post to a Micropub Endpoint


  • the request module
  • full server endpoint, capable of handling posts in json-format
  • access token with scope create to the micrpub endpoint. Copy an existing one or use https://gimme-a-token.5eb.nl

The short version is that doing it over Oauth would require a shit load of code.

Installation with Spacemacs.

  1. Add mp.el to ~/.emacs.d/private/
  2. Find dotspacemacs-additional-packages inside .spacemacs and add requests to the list
  3. We need to add two lines inside the setq-default method in dotspacemacs/init mp-domain "https://your-domain/micropub-endpoint" mp-auth "your-auth-token"
  4. Add the following line to dotspacemacs/user-config function: (load "~/.emacs.d/private/mp.el")


Start a new buffer, write what you want to post, and then run M-x post2mb; SPC SPC post2mp if you are using spacemacs