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FT8-Helper-2.0 is the new release cadidate (RC)

New in version 2.0 released on 02.01.2021

  • Configuration session instead of editing with "notepad". 
  • No need of ownloc.txt. The configuration is stored in "config.txt".
  • New parameter, e.g. number of repetitions during call, QSO and QSO-end can be configured.
  • Band-Hopping: re-designed, now it allows selecting FT8 and FT4, even for the same band.
  • Enhanced Filter in S/P-Mode: Best-S/N, DX-Only, Prefer-DX, Most distance, Prefer-Wanted, Only-Wanted.
  • Lists for Exclude DXCC, Exclude Calls, Wanted Grids, Wanted DXCC, wanted Calls can be specified
  • Seamless change between CQ (RUN) and S/P without stopping the running mode.
  • Graceful stop of CQ (earlier RUN) and S/P-Mode is available, it waits completing the running QSO.
  • Distances will be calculated from the QRA-grids. The minimum DX-distance can be selected in the configuration
  • Skip Tx-1 selectable. To speed up the QSOs In S/P-Mode, stations can be called with report instead of QRA-grid.
  • Decoding time (lag-time) is measured and shown. It should kept under 500ms, changing the decoding depth.
  • Comparing to older versions, the new version does not use the auto-sequencing of WSJT-X.
  • On this reason the WSJT-X configuration must be changed. Set up WSJT-X according to the manual.


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