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Dashboard for YSFReflector (by G4KLX)


YSFReflector-Dashboard is a web-dashboard for visualization of different data like system temperatur, cpu-load ... and it shows a last-heard-list.

It relies on YSFReflector by G4KLX (see At this place a big thank you to Jonathan for his great work he did with this software.

Required are

  • Webserver like
  • lighttpd or apache(2)
  • at least PHP 5 >= 5.5.0


  • Please ensure to not put loglevels at 0 in YSFReflector.ini.
  • Copy all files into your webroot and enjoy working with it.
  • Create a config/config.php by calling setup.php and giving suitable values
  • If Dashboard is working, remove setup.php from your webroot

For detailled installation see within this repository.


  • You might need to implement a logrotate mechanism for the YSFReflector log files to prevent it to fill your filesystem. This directory is normally configured with 'FilePath=' in /etc/YSFReflector.ini


Feel free to contact the author via email: