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Old-school game engine in C#.
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Old-school game engine in C#.

  • Not vaporware!

  • Uses OpenTK Toolkit for OpenGL rendering

  • Uses an XML-based data format system called XATT (XML ALL The Things) for all resources not covered by other formats (e.g. XATD will be a WAD-esque format, full name: XML ALL The Data).

  • Contact me through a repo issue if you are a sprite/texture artist, musician or otherwise, you will be compensated through the commercial, paid game that goes with this MIT licensed game engine. If you wish to contribute code under the MIT license, also contact me, and you can be compensated if you wish, however note your code will become open source under the MIT license. All credit will be given if you contribute if any way!

  • Also open an issue if you find a flaw, bug, security hole, have a suggestion or otherwise.

  • Graphics will be in alpha PNG format, music and sound effects in WAV, and the game internal formats will be XML-based (maps, etc.).

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