Replication of QWERTY effect results of WWW'16
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Results of "The QWERTY effect on the web: How typing shapes the meaning of words in online human-computer interaction. David Garcia, Markus Strohmaier. 25th international World Wide Web conference (2016)"

Results of QWERTY effect in decoding

  1. Amazon Product Names
  2. Yelp Business Names
  3. Epinions Product Names
  4. Dooyoo Product Names
  5. IMDB Movie Titles
  6. MovieLens Movie Titles
  7. RottenTomatoes Movie Titles
  8. BookCrossing Book Titles
  9. YouTube Video Titles
  10. PornHub Video Titles
  11. RedTube Video Titles

Results of QWERTY effect in encoding

  1. Amazon Product Reviews
  2. Yelp Product Reviews
  3. Dooyoo Product Reviews
  4. Epinions Product Reviews