Widoco 1.2.2: Major bug fixes and improvements

@dgarijo dgarijo released this Aug 7, 2016 · 113 commits to master since this release

This version fixes the following issues/improvements:

  • 188: lang separator doesn't work on unix systems. Changed ";" to "-" as separator
  • 189: return a non-zero value if there are problems generating the doc
  • 151: text area in the table should be bigger
  • 177: Ability to provide authors institution URI in the config
  • 155: allow possibility of adding Zenodo URI (DOI)
  • 132: could improve placeholder text
  • 174: Dynamic sections
  • 170: Check why isDefinedBy is not recognized sometimes
  • 171: Separate configuration from vocabulary metadata

In addition, I have fixed the custom style CSS, saving the publisher in the config file, producing an alt in images to avoid broken images when no connection is available and issues with the consistency in sections and back to toc titles.

Finally, the toc will be now dynamic, so it will get updated if new headers with class "list" are added to the document.