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We are excited about keeping things quality, so if you are going to use our artwork for anything, please make sure it is tasteful and send it to us for approval at info@bitcore.cc . We'll get in touch with you

Bitcore BTX
Bitcore was created in April 2017 by the developpers of Bitsend (BSD).

Bitcore (BTX) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on solving any scaling issue Bitcoin ever had to face. It utilizes a 10Mb blocksize and has the latest SegWit tech fully implemented. It has very fast transactions with a blocktime of only 2.5 minutes. BTX is a proof-of-work coin with an ASIC-resistent and GPU friendly and newly invented algorithm called Timetravel10.

BTX has a fair distribution via

  • airdrops for every registered address with 1.0+ BTX on each Monday
  • claiming for BTC holders from the 2nd snapshot of the bitcoin blockchain at the 2nd of November 2017,similar to normal forks but on a live-blockchain
  • mining via GPU
  • buying/selling on exchanges

Bitcore has a unique difficulty algorithm called Bitcore Diff 64_15. This algorithm ensures that there is no more than a 15 percent change in difficulty within a 64 block period. This innovative difficulty adjustment method prevents the block time issues that have plagued Bitcoin Cash and will probably plague many Bitcoin forks yet to come.

Bitcore is a hybrid fork – something completely unique among the crypto space right now.

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Name Origins
Bitcore was created at the peak of Bitcoin‘s scaling debate in April 2017. It focuses on the core strengths of Bitcoin but with advanced tech while maintaining an enourmous maximum transactions capacity.

Bitcore is strongly related to Bitcoin and does not try to hide its origins.

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Please do not use colours other than those expressed here[i, in case of doing so, please consult our Email first with a preview JPG, (cases such as logo galleries)
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This is our web presence and communities {this section is in constant evolution}
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We would love to see our banners and stickers on your websites and in your stores, we will be very proud.
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