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tag: v13
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. Updated acknowledgments

Commits on Mar 8, 2012
  1. Updated tape metadata

    - Added a number new tapes from Richard Larkin
    - Added author information where known
    - Fixed tapeParameters for Robot Fire
  2. Completed better tape loading

    - Added display of loading status, and error message on failure.
    - Fixed a couple of old references to to be
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
Commits on Dec 2, 2011
Commits on Oct 7, 2011
Commits on Oct 2, 2011
  1. Merge branch 'debugger'

Commits on Sep 15, 2011
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. Added crude debugging support.

     - Move disassembler out of global namespace
     - Add single stepping
     - Properly report signed offsets in disassembler
     - Report jump destinations in disassembler
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
  1. Refined tape editing.

    - Editing any field of a tape now causes that tape to be selected.
    - Renamed some of the tape header fields for clarity based on feedback received.
Commits on Sep 10, 2011
  1. Added Google Analytics.

  2. Improved error message display.

    - Error message is now injected by JavaScript rather than part of the static page so that it doesn't appear in the Google search results.
    - Added a <noscript> tag for users who have JavaScript disabled.
Commits on Sep 9, 2011
Commits on Aug 22, 2011
  1. Reviewed and cleaned up tape settings code.

    - Fixed rendering of "edit" link in Firefox.
    - Moved all tape view related code into tapeview.js
    - Automatically reload the tape on edit if it's currently selected.
Commits on Aug 21, 2011
Commits on Aug 18, 2011
  1. Added a maintenance page.

Commits on Aug 12, 2011
  1. Makefile now puts everything but index.html in a version-specific dir…

    …ectory to simplify updates and allow infinite caching.
  2. Split VirtualTape into TapeInjector and VirtualTape; VirtualTape now …

    …keeps track of the tape header properties.
Commits on Jul 24, 2011
Commits on Jul 17, 2011
Commits on Jul 14, 2011
Commits on Jul 9, 2011
  1. Improved visual appearance and added help page.

    - Moved all controls into a header at the top of the page.
    - Added a version number and last updated date to the header bar.
    - Extract common styles into a separate css file.
    - Changed minimum width of page to 1000px.
Commits on Jul 4, 2011
  1. Significantly improved performance in Firefox by rendering only secti…

    …ons of the screen that have changed.
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