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Alfresco Patch to Documents being edited using Google Docs integration are not returned by "Documents I am editing"

Described at issue ALF-21955


When the Google Docs integration is deployed, the documents being edited by users are not returned by the searches executed by Share.

This patch changes the queries in 3 different places: Dashlets My Documents and Site Acitivities Document Library's treeview, filters I'm Editing and Others Are Editing.

License The plugin is licensed under the LGPL v3.0.

State Current patch release is 1.0

Compatibility The current version has been developed using Alfresco 201704 and Alfresco SDK 3.0.1

No original Alfresco resources have been overwritten

Downloading the ready-to-deploy-plugin

The binary distribution is made of one amp file to be deployed in Alfresco as a repo module at releases tab.

You can install them by using standard Alfresco deployment tools in alfresco.war

Building the artifacts

You can build the artifacts from source code using maven $ mvn clean package