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Repository for the course: Public Finance 2018/2019 UCSC

by Duccio Gamannossi degl'Innocenti

This repository stores the SageMath notebooks for the course Public Finance 2018/2019 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan. Notebooks can be viewed statically here on GitHub. Otherwise, there are three ways to execute and modify interactively the notebooks:

  • Download and install SageMath on your laptop. Run SageMath Notebook and open the notebook of interest
  • Create a free account on CoCalc and upload the notebook of interest
  • badge On the fly, by clicking on this badge and then opening the notebook of interest. A temporary cloud instance is initialized with the software that allows to interact with the content of the repository. Given the size of the software that is needed, the loading page will state that the activity is "...taking longer than usual to load...", this is perfectly normal. Please be patient while everything is set up, it usually takes 10-30 min. The temporary instance gets shut-down when inactive for more than 10 minutes. This service is provided by Binder (for more information see the FAQs) based on work of OpenDreamKit, a horizon 2020 research project

See the notebook introduction - dynamic (using Binder) or static - for more information of the role of the notebooks in this course.

These files are distributed under BSD license. For more information, please check the license.txt file.

For comments and queries, please contact me here

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