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Stores the code to replicate the simulations in: "Tax Evasion on a Social Network"
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This repository stores the code to replicate the simulations in:

Tax Evasion on a Social Network

Description of files in the Repo

  • Figure_1_kappa_vs_revenues_baseline_pa.R : script to replicate Figure 1

  • Figure_2_kappa_vs_revenues_various_pa.R : script to replicate Figure 2

  • Figure_3_kappa_vs_revenues_ab.R : script to replicate Figure 3

  • license.txt : license applying to the files in the repo

  • package_setup.R : script to install needed packages

  • revenues_ab.R : script to compute revenues gains from network information when preferences are imperfectly observed

  • revenues_pa.R : script to compute revenues gains from network information for different values of preferential attachment

  • data : folder containing results from revenues_ab.R and revenues_pa.R

    • revenues_ab... : data from the script revenues_ab.R
    • revenues_pa... : data from the script revenues_pa.R
  • fig : folder containing figures produced with the scripts

    • Figure_1.pdf : pdf of Figure 1
    • Figure_1.tex : tikZ of Figure 1
    • Figure_2.pdf : pdf of Figure 2
    • Figure_2.tex : tikZ of Figure 2
    • Figure_3.pdf : pdf of Figure 3
    • Figure_3.tex : tikZ of Figure 3
  • R : folder containing functions used by the scripts

    • fun.R : script storing all the functions needed to run the scripts
    • generate_BB_mod.R : modified version of PAFit::generate_BB allowing for supplied fitness vector
    • parameters_ab.R : parameters used in revenues_ab.R
    • parameters_opt.R : parameters for optimization of p (used in both revenues_ab.R and revenues_pa.R)
    • parameters_pa.R : parameters used in revenues_pa.R


Figure 1 and Figure 2 are based on the results of revenues_pa.R

Figure 3 is based on the results of revenues_ab.R

The scripts revenues_ab.R and revenues_pa.R are computationally heavy but in /data are stored their results so that the figures can be reproduced without running the simulations


In order to set up the working environment:

  1. Start a new R-project in an empty folder
  2. Copy the content of the repo to the project folder
  3. Run the script package_setup.R to install the needed packages
  4. Run any of the scripts

The scripts have been tested on Win 10, R-3.5.1, RStudio-1.2.1335

The files are distributed under BSD license. For more information, please check the license.txt file.

For any question, suggestion or comment, write to:

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