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Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. Extracted the error message logic into a new, reusable $.mobile.showM…

    …essage() function which can be used to display any message to the user. In addition to specifying a custom message, options such as delayTime, fadeTime, and wrapperClass can be specified. NOTE: the delayTime remains 800ms for page loading error messages for the sake of continuity, but the default delayTime has been increased to 2500ms, which seems more appropriate for messages of any length.
    committed Jun 28, 2011
  2. Allow for a customizable class (or classes) to be used for the loadin…

    …g message div instead of, or in addition to, the default of "ui-body-a". Also, allow $.mobile.loadingMessage to be set to true, instead of a string, so that a spinner may appear with no associated loading message.
    committed Jun 28, 2011
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
  1. @johnbender

    fixed init hang

    johnbender committed Jun 27, 2011
  2. @johnbender
  3. @jblas
  4. @jblas

    - Fixed issue #1923 - url of form is miscalculated

    	- Added code to calculate whether to choose the documentUrl or the page Url in the case where an action is not specified on a form element.
    	- Fixed bug in the navigation "submit" handler where an error was being thrown if "type" was not specified.
    	- Fixed typo "diabled" id typos in tests/unit/navigation/index.html.
    	- Added tests for form submissions with no action in both base and non-base specified cases.
    jblas committed Jun 27, 2011
  5. @toddparker

    Merge pull request #1938 from adamvaughan/filterfix

    Prevent submitting the listview filter form. Fixes #1068. Thanks adamvaughan!
    toddparker committed Jun 27, 2011
  6. don't submit the filter form

    Adam Vaughan committed Jun 27, 2011
  7. @johnbender
  8. @johnbender
  9. @johnbender
  10. @johnbender

    moved check to interval, made the directories an ajax call instead of…

    … a templated js array, and reorged some bits to clean things up
    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
  11. @johnbender
  12. @johnbender
  13. @johnbender
  14. @johnbender
  15. @johnbender
Commits on Jun 26, 2011
  1. @johnbender

    fixed relative path issues for the jquery mobile website, and made a …

    …small tweak to the qunit css
    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
  2. @johnbender
  3. @johnbender

    added a page to run all the tests in a single place, depends on subdi…

    …rectories representing their tested mobile files
    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
  4. @johnbender

    moved 20ms scroll test to test that it the scrolling is async. 20ms i…

    …sn't enough time to be reliable
    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
  5. @johnbender

    whitespace correction in core

    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
  6. @johnbender
  7. @johnbender

    core whitespace fixes

    johnbender committed Jun 26, 2011
Commits on Jun 25, 2011
  1. @gseguin
  2. @gseguin

    Readded tests for issue #1929

    gseguin committed Jun 24, 2011
  3. @gseguin

    Fix for issue #1929 (second attempt)

    gseguin committed Jun 24, 2011
  4. @gseguin

    Added test to catch previous breakage caused by buttons having class …

    gseguin committed Jun 24, 2011
  5. @gseguin
  6. @gseguin
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. @gseguin
  2. @gseguin
  3. @gseguin

    Fixed issue #1929

    gseguin committed Jun 24, 2011
  4. updated the Valencia theme to match the active state changes for chec…

    …ks & radios.
    scottjehl committed Jun 24, 2011
  5. @gseguin

    Coding standards

    gseguin committed with scottjehl Jun 24, 2011
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