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Add Github link on Examples page
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@@ -6,16 +6,16 @@ title: Examples
As required by law, our JavaScript framework includes a Todos demo.
-<a href="/examples/todos/">Visit Todos</a>
+<a href="/examples/todos/">Visit Todos</a> |
+<a href="">Source</a>
<a href="/examples/todos/">
<img src="/images/screenshots/todos.png" class="screenshot">
## Simple Bindings
This demo contains an example a simple view bound to a controller.
-<a href="/examples/simple_bindings/">
-Visit Simple Bindings</a>
+<a href="/examples/simple_bindings/">Visit Simple Bindings</a>
<a href="/examples/simple_bindings/">
<img src="/images/screenshots/simple_bindings.png" class="screenshot">
@@ -29,9 +29,7 @@ If you check out this code from GitHub, it includes a node.js server that illust
into a controller.
-<a href="/examples/contacts/">
-Visit Contacts
+<a href="/examples/contacts/">Visit Contacts</a>
<a href="/examples/contacts/">
<img src="/images/screenshots/contacts.png" class="screenshot">

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