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A fantasy video game console
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Sam's Virtual Console 🕹 Build Status

Virtual console with integrated development editor.

⚠️ Things in this repository are a work in progress and exist mainly to satisfy my curiosity, don't expect something stable.


I'm experimenting with the idea of fantasy video game consoles (such as PICO-8) and retro game programming. With the Virtual Console project I explore the internal of old hardware (currently my focus is on the 6502 and Commodore 64) and attempt to create an environment in which programming can be fun. The long term vision is to have a way to create various virtual consoles each with their own set of constraints (memory, cpu, devices, etc) and to be able to run or develop games directly from an embedded editor.


$ make help
| Sam's Virtual Console: build commands |
 - cmake
 - qmake (if building the editor)

Available tasks (default is marked by *):
*all			clean then build everything
 clean			remove files and directories generated during compilation
 virtualassembler	compile the Virtual Assembler
 virtualcpu		compile the Virtual CPU
 virtualeditor		compile the Virtual Editor (GUI)
 run-assembler		compile then run the Virtual Assembler
 run-cpu 		compile then run the Virtual CPU
 run-editor		compile then run the Virtual Editor
 debug-assembler 	compile the Virtual Assembler then launch a debugger (lldb)
 debug-cpu		compile the Virtual CPU then launch a debugger (lldb)
 format			format C++ source files
 help			show this help message



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