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vscode extension for purescript-emmet
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VSCode extension for purescript-emmet.


Type the emmet abbreviation and then press Alt+Shift+y to execute the "Halogen to Emmet HTML" command. To customize see the extension.emmetHalogen keybindings.


Setting Value
purescriptEmmet.path null
purescriptEmmet.regexp [a-zA-Z0-9_\-.+*#>()]+


You will need purescript-emmet installed on your system and available in your PATH. Alternatively, you can set the absolute path to purescript-emmet using the purescriptEmmet.path configuration variable.

Abbreviation Matcher

This extension attempts to match the emmet-like abbreviation by moving backwards from the cursor position. To be more specific, it uses TextDocument.getWordRangeAtPosition with a custom RegExp object. If purescript-emmet provides support for new operators, the RegExp object will need to be updated. If that happens feel free to open an issue or send a PR, otherwise you can define it with the purescriptEmmet.regexp configuration variable.


To make changes, checkout the repository and run npm install in project root. You can make changes to src/extension.ts and test them in VSCode by pressing F5 or by choosing Start Debugging from the Debug menu. To run the tests run npm run test.

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