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Analytics Welcome to the modeljs wiki!


Modeljs came out of the need to create a simple intuitive standalone model without inheriting parts of a MVC framework often found in libraries like Backbone, Spine and others. An added benefit is it can also be run on the server side in node. Please let me know what you think.


  • Modeljs API
  • Modeljs Events
  • jsdoc can be found generated in the docs folder
  • /test/ModelTests.js has sample code of how to you use all the features of modeljs. It's a great way to get started.

##Release Log

2012-??-?? v2.? released

  • re-worked unit test so that they can be benchmarks to explore performance
  • small performance improvements
  • function properties in models now have this bound to the parentProperty (only if not explicitly bound before hand)
  • corrected some non-EMCA5 bugs

2012-11-11 v2.1.0 released

  • "ALL" event added
  • New function Model.connect() that connects two models together
  • fixed bugs with native array methods like sort, reverse etc.. on Array Models
  • fixed bugs in Model.find()
  • Remote requests working in node and in browser when not JSONP.

2012-10-27 v2.0.0 released

  • Major refactoring of tests to support Node
  • reworked event Proxy logic
  • Fixed bugs with Arrays types.
  • Refactoring code to simplified logic
  • added suppressNotification parameter to all methods that fire events
  • Metadata support for new properties: Formatter, thin, and doNotPersistValue
  • added methods: getShortName() and Model.Find(model, propertyName)
  • updated documentation

Added the following examples

  • exampleTutorial.html which teaches the api by using an example TableWidget
  • knockoutExample (shows how a binding library on top of modeljs can be easily created and used)

2012-09-22 v1.0.0 released

  • Initial stable release.