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Hibernate Tools Changelog
Changes in version 3.2beta9
Changes in version 3.2alpha7
Changes in version 3.1alpha6
Changes in version 3.1alpha5
* [HBX-365] - basic toString-Method
* [HBX-315] - Wrong java type chosen for CHAR(n) columns
Changes in version 3.0alpha4
* fixed bug in cfg.xml exporter
* fixed bug in rev.eng DTD
Changes in version 3.0alpha3
* DocExporter which generates html based doc of database schema
* table name completion if project has Hibernate 3 enabled (Under project properties)
* .reveng.xml can now be used to control which tables will be included in reverse engineering
* lots of bug fixes
Changes in version 3.0alpha2
* added new ant tasks
* improved ejb3 in pojo generation (Thanks Marshall)
* xml postprocessed with jtidy to make clean output
* fixed bugs
Changes in version 3.0alpha1
* hbm2java reworked to use hibernate core engine and being template based.
- most features are available.
Changes in version 2.1.3
* added support for generating empty concrete class for a Base class.
* added support for <parent> in <composite-element>
* added meta class-code, extra-import attributes
* hbm2java no longer generates automatically an equals()/hashcode() set unless the class has a composite id or the class is a composite.
- use meta implement-equals attribute to enable generating equals()/hashcode() + mark relevant properties with meta use-in-equals attribute.
* added meta use-in-equals attribute.
Changes in version 2.1.2
* hbm2java now validates the hbm.xml files
* hbm2java now have an Velocity based renderer
* Renderer's can now be configured with <param> tags
* Refactored the "source model" hbm2java uses.
+ now all elements have access to their corresponding XML data. Can be used to access all the information that are not otherwise directly available.
Changes in version 2.0.1
* hbm2java now supports the defining subclass and joined-subclass externally from it's superclass (e.g. in another hbm.xml file)
* Fixed bug in deciding if POJO needed a minimalconstructor ;)
* Added support for CompositeUserType
* bounded and constraint changeevents is now correctly sending old and new values. (Shane Day, HB-275)
* now uses "finder-method" instead of just "finder" for finder generation.
* bag's are now generated as java.util.List instead of more generic Collections.
If you want the old behavior back then set system property "hbm2java.bag.interface" to
java.util.Collection (or whatever other class/interface you want for bag ;)
* hbm2java only generate isX() for primitive boolean types.
Changes in version 2.0 (03.6.2003)
* initial checkin
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