Bomberman in browser based game full Javascript (Quintus.js + Node.js)
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Browser based Bomberman game

This project is a browser based version of the old Bomberman game with multiplayer feature. In this project I use the Quintus JS library for the game engine and the Node.js platform for the server side.

Screenshot of the game area

##Before playing.. you will need to install few things.


Depending on your operating system, install the nodejs package. I'm using ArchLinux, so I just did a yaourt -S nodejs.

When you install nodejs, you also get the Node Packaged Modules (npm) which is pretty usefull to install modules in your project. In a console, 'cd' in the project directory and then run the following command lines to install all dependences the game needs.

npm install jade
npm install express
npm install

Then on the same console, run node app.js (you should be able to run node start but it is apparently not working, I'm on it). Now the server is ready. Launch a browser and go on localhost:3000. Here's the game!


Quintus is a fabulous HTML5 game engine made in JavaScript. There is no need to install the Quintus library, It's included in /public/javascripts/. This is not the last version. I will update it soon.

More information about this amazing JS library:

Under this line, things are out of date. I will make important changes soon. Brace yourselves! ;)

####Last added functions:

  • User can move the Player with arrows
  • Player cannot go through walls and breakable walls
  • Player can drop a bomb with the spacebar. This bomb is displayed during 3 seconds
  • When the timeout is triggered, fire blocks are diplayed until they find a wall

####To do:

  • Improve all asset images
  • Fix few bugs when we navigate at the bottom and at the right of the game area
  • Drop items randomly when a breakable block is destroyed
  • Add a second user using the Node.js technologie
  • Create an UI displaying information for each player
  • Fix the bug that the player is behind bombs and fire blocks