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GLSL Lighting Experiments

A work in progress for realtime livecoding visuals in raw GLSL.

The main tool I'm using is uniform.c, which pipes a tap-tempo u_beat uniform and an audio amplitude u_amp amplitude into glslViewer.

If you want to learn how to use this stuff, or how GLSL works, I recommend The Book of Shaders where you can learn and experiment right in your browser. (Chrome probably works best?) Gibber is also a whole bundle of fun, only a browser needed to learn GLSL and make generative music along with it.


  • 20190517 - Reconsiderate, Earthlings, etc. @ Bos Meadery
  • 20190420 - Asumaya, Cap Alan @ Communication
  • 20181201 - Algorave w/ Tarek Sabbar @ Communication
  • 20181120 - Yellowstone Apocalypse, Tubal Cain, Threadmaker @ Communication
  • 20181005 - Combat Naps, David Poole, Seal Eggs, Lynch / Earhart / Bible @ Communication
  • 20180823 - Asumaya, Lamon Manuel, Skech185 @ Communication
  • 20180810 - Rox Lee, Gentle Leader XIV, Threadmaker @ Communication
  • 20180622 - Cap Alan, Brekher / Lynch / Rodriguez, DB Pedersen as TBA @ Communication
  • 20180530 - Louise Bock, Ka Baird @ Communication
  • 20180413 - Drug Spider, Cribshitter, Labrador, L.A. Manatee @ Art In
  • 20180314 - Disaster Passport @ High Noon Saloon
  • 20180226 - Drug Spider, Corridore, Dystopian Echo @ High Noon Saloon
  • 20180202 - And Illusions, IE, Louise Bock @ Williamson Magnetic Co.
  • 20180114 - Julian Lynch and Emili Earhart, Harper, Sleep Now Forever @ Williamson Magnetic Co.
  • 20171114 - Sleep Now Forever, Ada Babar, BLank, Emili Earhart @ Williamson Magnetic Co.
  • 20170828 - Judders, Cut Shutters, And Illusions @ Arts + Literature Laboratory
  • 20170602 - And Illusions, Pat Keen, Tippy @ Arts + Literature Laboratory
  • 20170504 - Glassmen, Maniac du Jour, Twelves @ Williamson Magnetic Co.

Tools used:

  • glslViewer for compile/display
  • vim for quick editing
  • My crappy uniform.c for tap tempo, audio, and MIDI input
    • apt-get install libpulse-dev libasound2-dev
    • I have no idea how to make this compile on OSX or Windows, sorry


  • batch automation mode
    • find a decent args parser? or use a json format or something?
    • maintain active.frag from uniform.c, pass in directory to rotate through, alpha sort or random
    • external sourced measure-scale uniform values that uniform.c can control with beat * 4 lfo... section-scale that's measure*4
  • vim macro improvements
    • "shader" mode, where binds become easier to hit until ESC
    • tmux "swap to beat" things
  • uniform.c support for more things
    • amplitude FFT for hi/lo amplitude peaks (test if laptop speaker good enough)
    • LFO mods
      • allow "firing" the LFO in a really slow 10-30s fade
      • allow "bending" the wave toward early or late
      • allow beat multiplier "patterns" like 4 normal beats and one that is 4 times as long
  • other ideas
    • spirograph style
    • stark masking
    • work from tiling example
    • work from organic fog example
    • u_mouse for dimming/amp adjust?
    • mess with u_time in more ways
      • sine wave
      • add beat


This garbage is licensed under the MIT license.


Livecoding for projection at DIY shows








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