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@dgg dgg released this Aug 19, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Implement amendment 168:
    • Change name of PHP
    • Deprecate VEF adn introduce VES
  • Implement amendment 169 (a bit too early):
    • Introduce UYW
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@dgg dgg released this Dec 31, 2017

Release for NMoneys v6.0.0.0

  • Breaking change: .Allocate() methods have moved from NMoneys namespace to the NMoneys.Allocations namespace as part of a general effort to improve the architecture of the library
  • Apply Amendment 164:
    • Make STD obsolete
    • Create STN obsolete
    • Change PHP name
  • Apply Amendment 165:
    • Make MRO obsolete
    • Create MRU obsolete
  • Expose extension method CurrencyIsoCode.Equals(public static bool Equals(CurrencyIsoCode) to efficiently compare two currency codes
  • Reconcile a lot of currencies with newly supported information in System.Globalization: ALL, ANG, AOA, AWG, BIF, BMD, BSD, CUC, CVE, DJF, FJD, FKP, GHS, GIP, GMD, GNF, GYD, KMF, KPW, LRD, MGA, MRO, MUR, MWK, MZN, NAD, PGK, SDB, SCR, SDG, SHP, SLL, SSP, STD, SRD, SZL, TOP, TZS, UGX, VUV, WST, XPF
  • Re-implement NMoneys.Tools to make detecting future changes of the information of a currency easier and more effective
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@dgg dgg released this Jun 14, 2017

Release for NMoneys v5.1.0.0

  • Add operations to make change:

    • .CountWaysToMakeChange()
    • .MakeChange()
    • .MakeOptimalChange()
  • Amendment 163:

    • change name for AZN, KMF, GNF and LAK
    • change currency short form for UYI
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Major release. .NET framework users will not find major updates, but both project now support .NETCore via a "lighter" netstandard1.3 library:

  • Support netcore.
  • Methods that previously threw InvalidEnumArgumentException now throw ArgumentException to align both runtimes
  • Currency.Get() and Currency.TryGet() have different internal implementations due to differences in runtime libraries
  • Upgrade to NUnit 3.6.1
  • Upgrade PSake

Netstandard library supports all features that were available in the "classic" .NET framework version minus:

  • Custom serialization
  • ICloneable is not implemented
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Release tag for NMoneys an NMoneys.Exchange

  • Decorate public pure methods with [Pure]
  • Migrate to NUnit 3
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