An open-source prototype to test the feasibility of real-time video filtering as an accessibility tool.
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##3Note: This repository is now deprecated.

Please see the AccessibleVideo repository for a modern replacement implemented in Swift/Metal.

###GLVideoFilter v2.0 Real-time image processing on a live video stream on iOS devices. This project was based on the GLCameraRipple demo, but has been updated to require iOS 6 and take advantage of iOS 7 features when available.

Note: This only runs on actual devices, and will not run in the simulator.


Built to support accessibility research by Isla Schanuel, the purpose of this app was to evaluate the feasibility of edge detection techniques as an accessibility tool. While the screen size and form-factor of iOS devices is not conducive to real-world use, this was intended as a early prototype to test generating an accessible video stream from a non-stereoscopic video stream. As a result, the selection of filters is somewhat narrow in scope and is centered around providing meaningful ways of either enhancing a live video stream (by highlighting object edges) or transforming it entirely into a format that is easier for persons with reduced vision to see.


  • Flexible filter pipeline that supports arbitrary multi-pass filters
  • On-demand frame processing allows camera to update asychronously from the screen
  • Supports 60fps cameras under iOS7
  • Compatible with ARM64 devices
  • Support for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads


The following filters have been implemented:

  • Sobel operator using an RGB video stream as source
  • Sobel operator using an Grayscale video stream source
  • A blended Sobel operator that adds 50% of the grayscale result to the RGB result
  • A composite that overlays the result of the Sobel operator on the grayscale video stream.
  • A composite that overlays the result of the Sobel operator on the RGB video stream.
  • Canny edge detector using a low threshold of 0.2
  • A composite that overlays the Canny edge detection results on the grayscale video stream.
  • A chained Sobel operator -> Canny edge detector with inverted colors

Additionally, an optional blur pre-pass can be enabled for any video filter.


  • One-finger left/right swipes cycle between filters.
  • One-finger up/down swipes cycle between blur modes.
  • One-finger tap locks or unlocks mode changing.

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