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package twitter
import (
// AccountService provides a method for account credential verification.
type AccountService struct {
sling *sling.Sling
// newAccountService returns a new AccountService.
func newAccountService(sling *sling.Sling) *AccountService {
return &AccountService{
sling: sling.Path("account/"),
// AccountVerifyParams are the params for AccountService.VerifyCredentials.
type AccountVerifyParams struct {
IncludeEntities *bool `url:"include_entities,omitempty"`
SkipStatus *bool `url:"skip_status,omitempty"`
IncludeEmail *bool `url:"include_email,omitempty"`
// VerifyCredentials returns the authorized user if credentials are valid and
// returns an error otherwise.
// Requires a user auth context.
func (s *AccountService) VerifyCredentials(params *AccountVerifyParams) (*User, *http.Response, error) {
user := new(User)
apiError := new(APIError)
resp, err :="verify_credentials.json").QueryStruct(params).Receive(user, apiError)
return user, resp, relevantError(err, *apiError)
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