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package twitter
// Entities represent metadata and context info parsed from Twitter components.
// TODO: symbols
type Entities struct {
Hashtags []HashtagEntity `json:"hashtags"`
Media []MediaEntity `json:"media"`
Urls []URLEntity `json:"urls"`
UserMentions []MentionEntity `json:"user_mentions"`
// HashtagEntity represents a hashtag which has been parsed from text.
type HashtagEntity struct {
Indices Indices `json:"indices"`
Text string `json:"text"`
// URLEntity represents a URL which has been parsed from text.
type URLEntity struct {
Indices Indices `json:"indices"`
DisplayURL string `json:"display_url"`
ExpandedURL string `json:"expanded_url"`
URL string `json:"url"`
// MediaEntity represents media elements associated with a Tweet.
type MediaEntity struct {
ID int64 `json:"id"`
IDStr string `json:"id_str"`
MediaURL string `json:"media_url"`
MediaURLHttps string `json:"media_url_https"`
SourceStatusID int64 `json:"source_status_id"`
SourceStatusIDStr string `json:"source_status_id_str"`
Type string `json:"type"`
Sizes MediaSizes `json:"sizes"`
VideoInfo VideoInfo `json:"video_info"`
// MentionEntity represents Twitter user mentions parsed from text.
type MentionEntity struct {
Indices Indices `json:"indices"`
ID int64 `json:"id"`
IDStr string `json:"id_str"`
Name string `json:"name"`
ScreenName string `json:"screen_name"`
// UserEntities contain Entities parsed from User url and description fields.
type UserEntities struct {
URL Entities `json:"url"`
Description Entities `json:"description"`
// ExtendedEntity contains media information.
type ExtendedEntity struct {
Media []MediaEntity `json:"media"`
// Indices represent the start and end offsets within text.
type Indices [2]int
// Start returns the index at which an entity starts, inclusive.
func (i Indices) Start() int {
return i[0]
// End returns the index at which an entity ends, exclusive.
func (i Indices) End() int {
return i[1]
// MediaSizes contain the different size media that are available.
type MediaSizes struct {
Thumb MediaSize `json:"thumb"`
Large MediaSize `json:"large"`
Medium MediaSize `json:"medium"`
Small MediaSize `json:"small"`
// MediaSize describes the height, width, and resizing method used.
type MediaSize struct {
Width int `json:"w"`
Height int `json:"h"`
Resize string `json:"resize"`
// VideoInfo is available on video media objects.
type VideoInfo struct {
AspectRatio [2]int `json:"aspect_ratio"`
DurationMillis int `json:"duration_millis"`
Variants []VideoVariant `json:"variants"`
// VideoVariant describes one of the available video formats.
type VideoVariant struct {
ContentType string `json:"content_type"`
Bitrate int `json:"bitrate"`
URL string `json:"url"`
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