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package twitter
import (
// APIError represents a Twitter API Error response
type APIError struct {
Errors []ErrorDetail `json:"errors"`
// ErrorDetail represents an individual item in an APIError.
type ErrorDetail struct {
Message string `json:"message"`
Code int `json:"code"`
func (e APIError) Error() string {
if len(e.Errors) > 0 {
err := e.Errors[0]
return fmt.Sprintf("twitter: %d %v", err.Code, err.Message)
return ""
// Empty returns true if empty. Otherwise, at least 1 error message/code is
// present and false is returned.
func (e APIError) Empty() bool {
if len(e.Errors) == 0 {
return true
return false
// relevantError returns any non-nil http-related error (creating the request,
// getting the response, decoding) if any. If the decoded apiError is non-zero
// the apiError is returned. Otherwise, no errors occurred, returns nil.
func relevantError(httpError error, apiError APIError) error {
if httpError != nil {
return httpError
if apiError.Empty() {
return nil
return apiError
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