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package twitter
import (
// Search represents the result of a Tweet search.
type Search struct {
Statuses []Tweet `json:"statuses"`
Metadata *SearchMetadata `json:"search_metadata"`
// SearchMetadata describes a Search result.
type SearchMetadata struct {
Count int `json:"count"`
SinceID int64 `json:"since_id"`
SinceIDStr string `json:"since_id_str"`
MaxID int64 `json:"max_id"`
MaxIDStr string `json:"max_id_str"`
RefreshURL string `json:"refresh_url"`
NextResults string `json:"next_results"`
CompletedIn float64 `json:"completed_in"`
Query string `json:"query"`
// SearchService provides methods for accessing Twitter search API endpoints.
type SearchService struct {
sling *sling.Sling
// newSearchService returns a new SearchService.
func newSearchService(sling *sling.Sling) *SearchService {
return &SearchService{
sling: sling.Path("search/"),
// SearchTweetParams are the parameters for SearchService.Tweets
type SearchTweetParams struct {
Query string `url:"q,omitempty"`
Geocode string `url:"geocode,omitempty"`
Lang string `url:"lang,omitempty"`
Locale string `url:"locale,omitempty"`
ResultType string `url:"result_type,omitempty"`
Count int `url:"count,omitempty"`
SinceID int64 `url:"since_id,omitempty"`
MaxID int64 `url:"max_id,omitempty"`
Until string `url:"until,omitempty"`
Since string `url:"since,omitempty"`
Filter string `url:"filter,omitempty"`
IncludeEntities *bool `url:"include_entities,omitempty"`
TweetMode string `url:"tweet_mode,omitempty"`
// Tweets returns a collection of Tweets matching a search query.
func (s *SearchService) Tweets(params *SearchTweetParams) (*Search, *http.Response, error) {
search := new(Search)
apiError := new(APIError)
resp, err :="tweets.json").QueryStruct(params).Receive(search, apiError)
return search, resp, relevantError(err, *apiError)
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