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Find file Copy path
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package twitter
import (
const twitterAPI = ""
// Client is a Twitter client for making Twitter API requests.
type Client struct {
sling *sling.Sling
// Twitter API Services
Accounts *AccountService
DirectMessages *DirectMessageService
Favorites *FavoriteService
Followers *FollowerService
Friends *FriendService
Friendships *FriendshipService
Lists *ListsService
RateLimits *RateLimitService
Search *SearchService
PremiumSearch *PremiumSearchService
Statuses *StatusService
Streams *StreamService
Timelines *TimelineService
Trends *TrendsService
Users *UserService
// NewClient returns a new Client.
func NewClient(httpClient *http.Client) *Client {
base := sling.New().Client(httpClient).Base(twitterAPI)
return &Client{
sling: base,
Accounts: newAccountService(base.New()),
DirectMessages: newDirectMessageService(base.New()),
Favorites: newFavoriteService(base.New()),
Followers: newFollowerService(base.New()),
Friends: newFriendService(base.New()),
Friendships: newFriendshipService(base.New()),
Lists: newListService(base.New()),
RateLimits: newRateLimitService(base.New()),
Search: newSearchService(base.New()),
PremiumSearch: newPremiumSearchService(base.New()),
Statuses: newStatusService(base.New()),
Streams: newStreamService(httpClient, base.New()),
Timelines: newTimelineService(base.New()),
Trends: newTrendsService(base.New()),
Users: newUserService(base.New()),
// Bool returns a new pointer to the given bool value.
func Bool(v bool) *bool {
ptr := new(bool)
*ptr = v
return ptr
// Float returns a new pointer to the given float64 value.
func Float(v float64) *float64 {
ptr := new(float64)
*ptr = v
return ptr
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