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dghubble Fix DirectMessage EventsList and deprecate other methods
* Fix DirectMessageEvent id and sender/recipient id to be
strings. Comparing API docs with prior docs shows the intended
shift toward strings
* Deprecate DirectMessage service's Show, Get, New, Sent,
and Destroy methods.
* Add small example of usage
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Get the dependencies and examples

cd examples
go get .

User Auth (OAuth1)

A user access token (OAuth1) grants a consumer application access to a user's Twitter resources.

Setup an OAuth1 http.Client with the consumer key and secret and oauth token and secret.


To make requests as an application, on behalf of a user, create a twitter Client to get the home timeline, mention timeline, and more (example will not post Tweets).

go run user-auth.go

App Auth (OAuth2)

An application access token (OAuth2) allows an application to make Twitter API requests for public content, with rate limits counting against the app itself. App auth requests can be made to API endpoints which do not require a user context.

Setup an OAuth2 http.Client with the Twitter application access token.


To make requests as an application, create a twitter Client and get public Tweets or timelines or other public content.

go run app-auth.go

Streaming API

A user access token (OAuth1) is required for Streaming API requests. See above.

go run streaming.go

Hit CTRL-C to stop streaming. Uncomment different examples in code to try different streams.