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    |_|              |___/                       |_|         

/prog/scrape is a webscraper for world4ch's /prog/ textboard, though it should be compatible with any Shiichan board. It stores scraped content in an SQLite 3 database file.

System requirements

/prog/scrape requires Python 2.5 (recommended) or newer (but not Python 3.x) to run. If you're using Python 2.5, you will need to install the simplejson module, if you haven't already. This is unnecessary for Python 2.6 or newer.

The optional progress bar requires a terminal which supports ANSI escape sequences. This includes most recent terminals and terminal emulators (post-1970s), but may not be supported on Windows.

If you want to use the database it creates, you will need SQLite 3.

Installation instructions

The only file you really need is Everything else is optional. Just put it somewhere you can run it and that's that.

If you're using Bash and want auto-completion for command line options and database filenames, put (or a symlink to it) in your /etc/bash_completion.d/ folder, or source it in your .bashrc.

If you want a man page for /prog/scrape, put progscrape.1 (or a symlink to it) somewhere in your MANPATH, possibly in /usr/local/man/man1/. Note that all of the information in the man page is also available by running /prog/scrape with the -h or --help command line argument.


/prog/scrape doesn't have a GUI and never will, so run it from the command line.

If you just want to scrape world4ch's /prog/, you can run the script without any arguments (./ or python2.5, if you have several versions of Python installed). This will scrape the entire contents of /prog/ into an sqlite3 database named prog.db.

If you run /prog/scrape without any arguments (i.e., ./ or python2.5, if you have several versions of Python installed), it scrapes world4ch's /prog/ through the JSON interface, dropping to the HTML interface to verify any ambiguous tripcodes it comes across. It puts the scraped content into a database called prog.db, and it also prints the thread IDs it's working on to standard out as it goes.

If this isn't what you want to do, you can pass it arguments to modify its behavior. ./progscrape --help (or the man page) will show you a complete list of options. If you prefer, you can also edit the source code directly; the relevant variables are all at the top of the script.

Using the scraped content

When /prog/scrape is done scraping, the content will be in the aforementioned database. Open it with sqlite3 prog.db (or equivalent) and use .schema to see its schema. If you don't know any SQL, tutorials can be found all over the Internet and classes are offered at most institutes of higher education.

Updating an existing database

Just run /prog/scrape again. It will compare the database to the board's subject.txt and only retrieve new posts.

Caveats and miscellany


By default, /prog/scrape uses the JSON interface. If you want to scrape Shiichan boards that aren't on world4ch, however, you will need to use the HTML interface, as the JSON interface is specific to world4ch.


The JSON interface doesn't split up poster names, tripcodes, and e-mails into separate fields, so if the poster didn't use an e-mail address, it's not possible to tell the difference between someone who used a tripcode (that is, put #tea as his name) and someone who is faking one (put !WokonZwxw2 literally). The HTML interface is unambiguous about these, so by default, /prog/scrape will use the HTML interface to figure out if an ambiguous tripcode is genuine or not. If you don't want it to do this, you can disable it. In that case, all ambiguous tripcodes are assumed to be fake.


When using the JSON interface, you may notice a lot of posts posted by SILENT!ABORN on timestamp 1234, with a body of "SILENT". These are deleted posts. If you are haunted by them, using --no-aborn will prevent them from being entered into the database, and they don't show up in the HTML interface at all.

This script looks at subject.txt and counts how many posts there should be. If you suspect your database is screwy, run it and compare that to the number of posts you have. Note that subject.txt's tally includes deleted posts, so the script is fairly pointless if you aren't using the JSON interface. It takes optional --base-url and --board arguments, same as /prog/scrape.

contrib/ - /prog/ was never good

Given a /prog/scrape database this script launches a webserver and lets you view the state of /prog/ given any date.

Bugs and feature requests

If you run into any difficulties which you think might be caused by a bug, or if there's some feature you would like to see added to /prog/scrape, either create a new issue on Github, or email Xarn at