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CorTeX Framework Framework

A general purpose processing framework for corpora of scientific documents

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  • 2019: arXMLiv Homepage The CorTeX framework is recurringly converting >1.5 million articles from
  • 2018: SIGMathLing resources First datasets produced by CorTeX are now available for reuse via the SIGMathLing interest group


  • Safe and speedy Rust implementation
  • Distributed processing and streaming data transfers via ZeroMQ
  • Backend support for Document (via FileSystem) and Task (via PostgreSQL ≥9.5) provenance.
  • Representation-aware and -independent (TeX, HTML+RDFa, ePub, TEI, JATS, ...)
  • Powerful workflow management and development support through the CorTeX web interface
  • Supports multi-corpora multi-service installations
  • Centralized storage, with distributed computing, motivated to enable collaborations across institutional and national borders.
  • Routinely tested on 1 million scientific TeX papers from
  • Annotations backend and workflow (TODO)
  • Automatic dependency management of registered Services (TODO)


  • Originally motivated by the desire to process any Cor-pus of TeX documents.
  • Rust reimplementation of the original Perl CorTeX stack.
  • Builds on the expertise developed during the arXMLiv project at Jacobs University.
  • In particular, CorTeX is a successor to the build system originally developed by Heinrich Stamerjohanns.
  • The messaging conventions are adopted from work on standardizing LaTeXML's log reports with Bruce Miller.

For more details, consult the Installation instructions and the Manual. The system is not ready for "off-the-shelf" third party use -- but there is a desire to prepare that, given community interest. Please feel invited to open an issue with a description of your target workflow!