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Erato is the ancient greek muse of love and poetry.

Now deployed at Heroku:

Action Plan

  1. Empty page with Facebook login button -> upon login:
  2. Facebook API - obtain top 10 artists of user
  1. Lyrics::Fetcher API - obtain lyrics for each artist (keep scores in DB, to avoid repeating work)

  2. Term extraction - identify terms using Yahoo APIs * from contentanalysis.analyze where text='Maybe if I write enough, I will hear about an Italian sculptor.'&format=json&diagnostics=false
  1. Use some of the publicly available word frequency lists, e.g.
  2. Score = <hipsterness, literacy, coolness, terms>
  • rare words / all words = hipsterness
  • unique words / all words = literacy
  • trending words / all words = coolness
  • terms are like icing on the cake (?) (logarithmic computations will definitely work best)
  1. Display score and plot the amplitude progression between songs/artists?
  2. (Maybe) Suggestions to the user: Higher rated/lower rated songs. (expand horizons / indulge in similarity)


  • 20:30 to 21:01 - found and patched a bug with Lyrics::Fetcher::AZLyrics, should remind myself to file a GitHub patch!