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Camera plugin for Universal GCode Sender
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A simple webcam plugin for the UGS Platform from

(Classic GUI is not supported, sorry.)


  1. Download the nbm file from the Releases tab
  2. In UGS Platform, go to Tools->Plugins
  3. In the Downloaded tab, click Add Plugin...
  4. Select the downloaded nbm file
  5. Click Install
  6. Restart UGS Platform


  1. Open the webcam pane from Window->Plugins->Camera
  2. Choose desired webcam from the dropdown menu (if multiple present)
  3. Choose crosshair style and colour beneath the webcam image.


Can be done using UGS Platform's macro feature. For instance:

G10 L20 P0 X<offset_x> Y<offset_y> Z<offset_Z>

This will set the current work offset zero to the tool position. Replace offset_x/offset_y/offset_z with the fixed offset of the crosshair centre from the tool position.

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