Accessing Azure App Service from Unity
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Azure Services For Unity

Microsoft Azure has a great service to host apps called App Service which allows you to connect and expose a database via an awesome feature called Easy Tables

Unity has a great class to do HTTP requests called UnityWebRequest. It's relatively new but it can be really helpful. Plus, there is another handy class called JsonUtility that assists in JSON serialization/deserialization.

Combine the above two paragraphs and you have a small cross platform library that allows a Unity game easy access Azure Easy Tables (yes, very easy!).

Sample scene points to a Azure web app hosted in a free Azure App Service deployment, so it can take some time to respond in subsequent requests.

For information and usage instructions check here and the demo scene included in the source code.

I've also made some changes to the API compared to the one in the blog post, check here!


version 0.0.10

  • Changes in Easy APIs API (no, that's correct!) so that there are two methods now, one to return a single and one to return multiple results

version 0.0.9

version 0.0.8 (18/8/2016)

  • Updated for use with Unity 5.4 (removed "Experimental" from UnityWebRequest namespace)

version 0.0.7 (28/7/2016)

  • Fixed a couple of reported issues on OSX and iOS

version 0.0.6

  • Fixed IncludeTotalCount() issue

version 0.0.5

  • Namespace changes, separating Easy Table and Easy APIs
  • Target for next version is a *.unitypackage file creation, fingers crossed!

version 0.0.4

version 0.0.3

version 0.0.2

  • Initial commit