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I get Internal Server errors or have other installation problems, what should I do?

See InstallationIssues

What are all the smilies?

See ListOfSmilies (if you are looking for msn smileys: MsnSmileys )

What browsers / servers does it work with?

See SupportedSoftware

How do I get CGI:IRC to display the real host of a user?

This requires support (either built in or via a patch) of the IRC server (IRCD) that CGI:IRC is connecting to, so generally you need to be running your own IRCD. See HostSpoofingPatches for information about various IRCDs. I don't see some symbols or see lots of '?' where I expect to see non-English characters?

As of CGI:IRC 0.5.4 (but please use 0.5.6), CGI:IRC uses UTF-8 by default, this means it sends characters to IRC in UTF-8 and expects UTF-8 back from IRC. To use another character set you will need to enable conversion, this can be set in the configuration file with the irc charset option or on the advanced login form. This requires a version of perl that can cope with UTF-8 (ideally 5.8, 5.6 with the Encode module installed should also work). As of 0.5.6 there is a /charset command so you can change/test character sets while you are connected (it displays the current character set with no arguments and changes it to the character set specified if an argument is provided).

If you're not sure what character set to use then this list may help:

iso-8859-1 The standard character set in most of Western Europe/North America. koi8-r or cp1251 Russian character set

How can I make my own login form?

See CustomLoginForm

How can I get my own channel with CGI:IRC?

CGI:IRC is just an IRC client, it connects to any IRC server you specify, if you find a network with services such as Chanserv and Nickserv, then you can use the services to register the channel for you. For example (blatant plug) ¤

Why won't it let me access any server?

Starting with CGI:IRC 0.5 the default configuration only allows access to the servers and channels set in the configuration file, if you want to allow all servers and/or channels, use the full configuration file by renaming cgiirc.config.full to cgiirc.config.

Does CGI:IRC work on Windows?

It hasn't been designed to work on windows natively (eg: Activeperl with IIS or Apache) due to use of unix domain sockets. Running apache and perl under the environment provided by cygwin is reported to work. This is only required of the server - nearly any web browser on nearly operating system should work as a client.

How can I have a different ident for each client?

By using the included identd (docs/

How does the IPv6 support work?

Assuming your operating system supports IPv6 and you have IPv6 connectivity, install the Socket6 Perl module (from CPAN or libsocket6-perl on debian) and it should work.

Why does the userlist not display or why is "cookie" changed to "rookie"?

Web Washer can in some cases break the JavaScript that is used by CGI:IRC - turn Web Washer off.

How can I decode an IP in PHP without using

Something like this:

I get the message 'CGI:IRC Error: Connecting to IRC: Connection timed out (60 seconds)'. What is wrong?

This implies the web server that CGI:IRC is running on is unable to access the IRC server you are trying to connect to. The most likely cause is a firewall. It is possible that using a different port may work, however if your provider is firewalling IRC it is likely they have a reason so it would be wise to ask them first.

I get the message 'Access Denied: No connections allowed'

This means that the `ipaccess' file has been configured to restrict the IP addresses that are allowed to connect to CGI:IRC. If you are using the Debian or Ubuntu packages of CGI:IRC, this is the default behavior, comment out the line ip_access_file = ipaccess In the configuration file and you should be able to connect.

CGI:IRC suddenly slowed down: it takes 10-15 seconds before it starts connecting

Upgrade and/or fix your configuration: CGI:IRC used the Blitzed Open Proxy DNSBL (, which unfortunately is closed. Either comment the 'dnsbl' line or change it to another dnsbl (such as