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Document the API (although experimental)

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@@ -67,10 +67,14 @@ <h2>Examples</h2>
<li><a href="/?q=%5E%3Dhead1+NAME%5B%5Cr%5Cn+%5D%2B.*Foo\b">Files with a "NAME" POD section with "Foo" on the first line.</a>
<li><a href="/?q=file:\.(?i:xs|c(?:c?|pp))$+-dist=perl+SVt_REGEXP">XS, C or C++ files not in the perl core that reference SVt_REGEXP</a>
- (If you find any more good examples please send them my way.)
+ (If you find any more good examples please send them my way.)
+ <h2>API</h2>
+ <p>There is an experimental API (i.e. subject to change), using the same syntax as the normal searches at: <code></code>. For example: <a href="/api?q=-dist=perl+GvCV"></a>. If you expect to make heavy usage of this please ensure you send a User-Agent header that describes your application (ideally with contact details) and send a mail to the mailing list so we can keep track of users.</p>
- <p>Written by <a href="">David Leadbeater</a>. For help ask me (dg) on, #toolchain or mail dgl at</p>
+ <p>Written by <a href="">David Leadbeater</a>. For help <a href="!forum/cpangrep">use the cpangrep mailing list</a> or ask me (dg) on, #toolchain.</p>
<p>Contributions are welcome; you can find the git repository at <a href="">github</a> (including the <a href="">issue tracker</a>).</p>
Thanks to <a href="">taras</a> for help with graphics and layout.

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