either the total result count is wrong, or it doesn't allow paging through all of them anymore #11

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On this page:


It says:

26 to 27 of 112 results

The 112 implies to me that there should be 5 pages to go through, however it only offers two pages.


dgl commented Jul 25, 2012

So I wanted to release the version with nice grouping per dist, but hadn't quite fixed the count. You'll see it does give you that many results if you count them but counts the number of dists. Working on a fix.

@dgl dgl added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 25, 2012

@dgl dgl Show truncated items, with option to expand them
A count is shown below files/dists where the full results are omitted,
searching for the specific thing will show it, which is aided by links
to that specific search.

Improves on issue #11, but still need to figure out a nicer way of
presenting the rather noticeably wrong count at the top right.

dgl commented Jul 25, 2012

I've improved it in 138c6c1 by showing where it's hiding results, the displayed count is still wrong though, I'm not entirely sure how best to present it. I like the actual count there, but it's a bit confusing when the results are grouped by dist... Needs more thought.

dgl referenced this issue Jul 26, 2012


count: operator #21

@dgl dgl added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 26, 2012

@dgl dgl Count distributions when it makes sense
Fixes issue #11.

dgl closed this Jul 26, 2012

The current state looks a lot more sensible. Thanks. :)

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