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Yet another "What's my IP address?" service!


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The code behind


Just visit it.

What's my IP in a script?

IPV4=$(curl -s
IPV6=$(curl -s
echo "Public IPv4: $IPV4, Public IPv6: $IPV6"


Because I can.

Sites like this give you details like the headers their reverse proxy server injects so the results aren't very trustworthy, the "Raw HTTP request" is really the bytes your browser (or a proxy on your side of the connection) sent.

In general this aims to be as privacy preserving as possible, while revealing details about your browser and connection, that might be sensitive.

Building and running


go run .

Use http://localhost:8080


Something like:

$ docker run -d --net=host
$ curl localhost:8080

In reality you'll need a few more pieces for a full production setup:


This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Otherwise; 0BSD, no warranty. http://©.st/dgl