Open source iPhone Banking Application for Irish Banks: AIB (Allied Irish Banks) and BOI (Bank of Ireland) online banking services.
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Bank Balance for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

for use with Bank of Ireland and AIB Bank internet banking services

A simple and secure application for viewing your bank account balances with one-touch that works with both "Allied Irish Banks" and "Bank of Ireland" online banking services.

This is a simple iPhone application that I wrote for myself and am now releasing as open-source for others to enjoy and perhaps enhance. As the application accepts and stores your Internet Banking account details and passwords, I believe that it is important to be able to review and build the application yourself for complete piece-of-mind.

Main Features

  • Amazingly fast "one-touch" access to your latest account balances.
  • Single screen view of your accounts held with both AIB Bank and Bank of Ireland.
  • Application PIN to protect your balances from prying eyes.
  • Works over either 3G or WiFi connections.


  • Open-source: Browse and explore the code yourself before compiling and installing onto your iPhone for complete piece-of-mind.
  • Very strong security: Your online account details and PIN are stored on the iPhone’s internal “Keychain Service” to ensure maximum protection.
  • Your details are never stored or sent in the clear.
  • Use’s 128-bit SSL to communicate with the bank’s online internet services.
  • Safe to use over unsecured public WiFi connections due to the use of SSL.
  • Ability to set an application PIN to protect your balances from prying eyes if your phone is stolen or being used by someone else.

User Guide

I wrote a simple user guide to give user's an idea of what the application does and what it looks like.

Any queries, issues or request for a pre-built binary (if you don't have an iOS Developer Account or knowledge of XCode) please raise an Issue and I'll try and help as much as I can.