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Ever wanted to have a quick overview of all of your concourse pipelines and groups? Then Concourse Summary is for you.

See an example at


As this app is written in crystal it can be run in a number of ways:

Using crystal run

shards install
crystal run src/

As a binary

shards install
crystal build --release src/

As a CF app

You may want to modify the example manifest.yml file prior to running your CF push

cf push

All configuration is managed using environment variables:

Variable Description Example
HOSTS A space seperate list of all concourse hosts that you wish to have a dashboard for
CS_GROUPS A json string of a chosen group name, linking to a host, pipeline and groups in concourse '{"test":{"":{"binary-builder":["automated-builds","manual-builds"],"brats":null},"":{"greenhouse":null},"":null}}'
SKIP_SSL_VALIDATION If set to "true" then SSL Validation will be ignored for all hosts "true"
REFRESH_INTERVAL An integer in seconds for configuring the page refresh interval, defaults to 30 10