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Join multiple lines

By Daan Goedkoop


After selecting multiple features of a line layer, this plugin can merge them into one feature with a continuous line.

The plugin will automatically put the selected lines in a geographically logical order and direction. If the end points of two lines do not match exactly, a line segment between both points is added to make the end result a single, continuous line. The attributes of the new line will be those of one of the selected features, but one cannot predict which one.


A test project / layer has been supplied to experiment with and see the characteristics of the plugin.

Version history

  • 0.1: 26-04-2013
    • Initial version
  • 0.2: 29-04-2013
    • Produce valid geometry if begin and end vertices are identical.
  • 0.3: 03-02-2014
    • Update for QGis 2.0
    • Operation is now a single undo/redo-step, instead of having a separate step for the removal of the superfluous features.
  • 0.4: 22-01-2018
    • Update for QGis 3.0
    • Support multi-part lines