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A bibtex plugin for Jekyll (based on bibtex2html)
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Fork Info

This Plugin is a fork from Pablo Oliveira and intends to change from a Liquid Block into a Tag

The plugin interfaces bibtex2html with Jekyll to generate an html bibliography list from bibtex entries. For this to work, the bibtex entries must be enclosed in a special liquid Tag:

{% bibtex _plugins/style.bst /complete/path/to/your/bibtex_file.bib %}

where _plugins/style.bst is a bibtex style file (which you can, of course, rename or move to another directory).

and where /complete/path/to/your/bibtex_file.bib is a bibtex file containing your references (and which requires the full path to it, since it assumes that you dont keep it in your jekyll path)


  • Install bibtex2html.
  • Copy bibjekyll.rb to your _plugins/ directory.
  • Edit bibjekyll.rb to tweak the options that are passed to bibtex2html.
  • A default style.bst is provided. You can edit it to suit your needs or replace it with any other .bst file.


You can find a short usage example inside the example/ directory (the actual pdf files are missing, so the links will be broken). This code is what I use (with some css minor differences) to generate my own publication list.


The options that are passed to bibtex2html can only be changed in the plugin source. We should be able to change them per bibtex block.


This plugin is released under the MIT License.


You can reach me at Diogo Gomes

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