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Commits on Mar 15, 2013
Daniel Gómez Ferro Add tracking code c9862bf
Commits on Mar 22, 2013
Daniel Gómez Ferro Added slides adf6dfe
Daniel Gómez Ferro Fix dfccd5f
Daniel Gómez Ferro Fix formatting 5afc9be
BIN  docs/hadoop-summit-europe-2013.pdf
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BIN  docs/hadoop-summit-europe-2013.pptx
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73 index.html
@@ -46,47 +46,24 @@ <h2 id="project_tagline">Transactional Support for HBase</h2>
-<p>Omid uses Maven for its build system. We are using a temporary repository for zookeeper and bookkeeper packages to ease
-the installation procedure</p>
+<p>Omid uses Maven for its build system. </p>
<p>Then to compile omid:</p>
-<pre><code>$ tar jxvf omid-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.bz2
-$ cd omid-1.0-SNAPSHOT
-$ mvn install
+<pre><code>$ git clone omid
+$ cd omid
+$ mvn install -DskipTests
-<p>Tests should run cleanly.</p>
+<p>Tests should run cleanly if you want to run them.</p>
-<p>You need to run four components before running the transactional
-client. They are bookkeeper, zookeeper, omid tso and
-hbase. Bookkeeper is needed by the TSO. Zookeeper is needed by
-bookkeeper and hbase. The TSO is needed by hbase. Hence, the order of
-starting should be:
- 1. Zookeeper
- 2. Bookkeeper
- 3. TSO
- 4. Hbase</p>
+<p>To test Omid you might want to run a benchmark.</p>
-<h3>Zookeeper &amp; Bookkeeper</h3>
+<h3>Status Oracle</h3>
-<p>For simplicity we've included a utility script which starts zookeeper
-and bookkeeper. Run:</p>
-<pre><code>$ bin/ bktest
-<p>Omid doesn't use anything special in zookeeper or bookkeeper, so you
-can use any install for these. However, if you are running this
-anywhere but localhost, you need to update the setting for hbase and
-TSO. See the hbase docs for changing the zookeeper quorum. For TSO,
-you need to modify bin/</p>
-<p>To start the TSO, run:</p>
+<p>To start the SO, run:</p>
<pre><code>$ bin/ tso
@@ -98,23 +75,13 @@ <h2 id="project_tagline">Transactional Support for HBase</h2>
<pre><code>$ bin/ tsobench
-<p>We've included a utility script to start a HBase cluster on your local
-machine. Run:</p>
-<pre><code>$ bin/ tran-hbase
-<p>For running in a cluster</p>
<p>The public api is in</p>
<p>For an example of usage, look in</p>
@@ -125,9 +92,14 @@ <h2 id="project_tagline">Transactional Support for HBase</h2>
<h2>Logging </h2>
<p>Logging can be adjusted in src/main/resource/</p>
+<p><a href="docs/hadoop-summit-europe-2013.pptx">Hadoop Summit Europe slides</a> </p>
+<p><a href="docs/hadoop-summit-europe-2013.pdf">Hadoop Summit Europe slides (pdf)</a> </p>
<!-- FOOTER -->
<div id="footer_wrap" class="outer">
<footer class="inner">
@@ -137,6 +109,19 @@ <h2 id="project_tagline">Transactional Support for HBase</h2>
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+ var _gaq = _gaq || [];
+ _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-39343529-1']);
+ _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']);
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