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Allows for quick and easy creation of text-based slides for presentations
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Slider is a simple Ruby module to allow a presenter to create and view a
slideshow using only a terminal emulator. It requires the use of the console
application 'figlet' to draw the fancy headings.


- Set the # of columns in your terminal window (default is 80).
set_columns 105

- Set the # of rows in your terminal window (default is 24).
set_rows 30

- Set the FIGlet font of choice.  See the FIGlet man page for more info.
set_figlet_font 'bubble'

Create slides:
- Set the header (first argument), and sub-points (subsequent arguments) each
separated by a comma.

slide "Slider", "It's cool!"

Run the show:


This code is provided under the MIT license, included in the file MIT-LICENSE
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