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PLEASE NOTE:  This project has been migrated to Gitlab:


A complete suite of dozenal (base twelve) programs, including a converter
from decimal to dozenal and vice-versa, a complete scientific calculator
which operates in dozenal, and a converter for the TGM dozenal metric
system to and from either imperial/customary or SI units. Written in C;
licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

Note that the dozenal suite was produced by an amateur C programmer
because he wanted programs that performed these functions. They are not
guaranteed to work. They work well enough for the author's purposes, and
he's quite pleased with them; but please, thoroughly vet them yourself
before relying on them. Really, the better thing to do would be to find
a better programmer and rewrite them all. But for those like the author,
these programs may prove useful, and they are released in that hope and
no other.

Download and Installation

For real details, see the INSTALL file.  However, for the
majority of cases, the following should work pretty simply.
Open the release, enter the dozenal directory, and run:

	make install

And that should do the trick.  You should be root if you
want to run "make install".

If you do not want the GUI program for dozdc, you should
enter the dozdc directory and manually modify its Makefile,
changing the line "XFORMS_FLAGS =-DXFORMS" to read instead


doz --- a converter; converts decimal numbers into dozenal. Accepts
   input in standard or exponential notation (i.e., "1492.2" or "1.4922e3").
dec --- a converter; converts dozenal numbers into decimal. Accepts input
   in standard or exponential notation (i.e., "X44;4" or "X;444e2").
dozword --- converts a dozenal number (integers only) into words,
   according to the Pendlebury system.
dozdc --- a full-featured scientific calculator which works in the
   dozenal base. RPN command line; also include a GUI which works in infix
   notation, gdozdc.
tgmconv --- a converter for all standard measurements; converts to and
   from TGM, Imperial, customary, and SI metric.
dozpret --- a pretty-printer for dozenal numbers; inserts spacing (or
   other characters) as desired, and can also transform transdecimal digits
   from 'X' to 'E' into any character or sequence of characters desired.
dozdate --- a more-or-less drop-in replacement for GNU and BSD date, it
   outputs the date and time in dozenal, as well as containing some TGM
dozstring --- a simple byte converter; absorbs a string either from
   standard input or a command line argument, leaving it identical but
   for the numbers, which it converts into dozenal. Options for padding
   and for not converting specific numbers.
doman --- a converter which takes a dozenal integer and
   emits its equivalent in a non-place-value system, such as
   Roman numerals.  Arbitrary ranks and symbols may be used.
   Defaults to dozenal Roman numerals.


A complete set of dozenal programs, including a replacement for GNU date, an RPN calculator, a measurement converter, a pretty-printer, and number converters.



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